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Current Lien Laws & Forms for North Carolina

What is a Notice to Contractor / Owner and other Pertinent Info. :

A Notice to Contractor / Owner is a legal device which enables you to place a lien on the property where you have supplied materials A Notice is served by certified mail to the Owner and where applicable, to the Contractor, Lessee / Lessor, Surety and Financial Institutions.  You will receive a copy of all notices filed on your behalf on a daily basis.  Please keep these on file and watch your dates and time frames should it become necessary to file a lien.  It is important to submit your Request for Notice to Contractor / Owner as soon as you enter into an agreement, either verbal or written, on a construction project.and / or labor to improve the property.



ime Frame for Filing Notice to Owner / Lien:

Time Frame for filing Notice to Owner / Lien Agent: Within 15 days of first delivery of materials and/or labor to job site.

Time Frame for filing Lien: Within 120 days of last day on job site.



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